Bianchi’s e-SUV is an electric sports utility vehicle with built-in headlights

Premium e-MTBs with some serious integration from the storied Italian brand

Bianchi e-MTB

Bianchi has launched a new e-mountain bike called the e-SUV and yes, it’s an electric sports utility vehicle, at least according to Bianchi.


The e-SUV takes centre-stage in Bianchi’s Lif-e range of e-bikes, supposedly combining road, city and mountain bike elements into a single machine.

Two out of the three models available feature integrated headlights, along with various other distinctive features.

Posh e-MTBs with lots of integration

E-MTB with built-in lights
The e-SUV is no shrinking violet.
Warren Rossiter / Immediate Media

The e-SUV is essentially an e-MTB, one with sculpted angular forms throughout its eye-catching chassis. According to Bianchi, these shapes are inspired by the Dolomites mountain range of Bianchi’s Italian homeland.

The specs include a 720Wh fully integrated battery that sits within a vented shell to keep it cool. An air duct at the front directs air across the battery and out the exhaust port, keeping things cooler and making for increased battery efficiency.

Battery and motor vent on e-MTB
The e-SUV features ducting to force cooling air over the battery and motor.
Warren Rossiter / Immediate Media

The e-SUV’s handlebar is a one-piece carbon affair with an integrated port for a GPS. On this version, Bianchi is showing off its Garmin edition, but the brand promises compatibility with other brands too.

Everywhere there is integration, with lights up front, at the rear and on the sides too, plus mudguards built into the chassis rather than bolted on. The lighting system was designed in collaboration with lighting brand Spanninga. 

Light built into e-MTB
Headlights on e-bikes? We can see the logic.
Warren Rossiter / Immediate Media

The e-SUV’s carbon swingarm is asymmetrical, with a dropped non-driveside and a raised driveside, which Bianchi claims avoids damage from the chain when riding in the rough and reduces noise. It also adds to the moto-like aesthetics.

The e-SUV will come in three flavours: the Racer, Rally, and the Adventure. All models are powered by Shimano’s E8000 system with a 720wh battery, and have 150mm of rear travel.

The Racer runs 29in wheels and is the most stripped-down model running Shimano’s 12-speed XTR group, 150mm of travel at the rear and 160mm of travel up front.

It also runs an integrated carbon bar, but unlike the Rally and Adventure this one doesn’t have additional lighting, it’s the lightest model in the range and is set to retail at an assertive €10,490.

Bianchi e-MTB
The Rally gets an additional light for maximum night-time capability.

The Rally runs a 29in front wheel and 27.5in rear, with 150mm of travel at both ends and Shimano’s 12-speed XTR groupset.

It’s fully loaded with an additional headlight from Spanninga, with a promised 200m range and a power output of 1,100W.

It also features that one-piece carbon bar, plus integrated front and rear mudguards. The Rally is priced at €9,490.

Finally, the least expensive model in the line is the €6,790 Adventure, this one runs SRAM GX Eagle 12-speed with 150mm of travel at each end, integrated lights and guards like the Rally, but without the super-powerful secondary spot beam lamp.


 The bikes are expected to be available in stores from March 2020.