Big bike made for the longest leg of the law

Seven foot two policeman's bike carries 40cm head tube

Cop a load of this: Bikeradar was sent an arresting photo of an extraordinarily big bike – a tailormade steed for Britain’s tallest bobby, PC Anthony Wallyn. That’s a 40cm head tube you’re looking at right there.


The 7ft2in policeman, known as ‘Big Tower’ by colleagues in the Met, found he dwarfed off the peg models and was considering having an American company that made bikes for pro basketball players build something for him.

PC Wallyn’s last lead was London bike shop chain Cycle Surgery who had frame builders Bob Jackson build a policeman’s bike with a difference.

The sturdy Reynolds 631 tubing seat tube is 73cm (29in) long and it rolls on Mavic A319 touring rims with double butted spokes. A Brooks B17 saddle takes the load.

The policeman recently made the news as he guarded the entrance to the London’s King Edward VIII’s Hospital with the Met’s shortest officer while the Queen was treated for gastroenteritis. PC Wallyn also needed tailor made police uniforms when he joined the force.

Other bikes it reminded us of were Procycling editor Cam Winstanley’s WyndyMilla and Johan Van Summeren’s Paris-Roubaix winning R3 in our gallery. If you’ve got a lanky bike worth sharing, post it on our Facebook page.

PC anthony wallyn’s custom built bob jackson frame from cycle surgery: pc anthony wallyn’s custom built bob jackson frame from cycle surgery
Cycle Surgery

PC Anthony Wallyn with his big bike