Big BMX available in the UK

26in wheeled sinsglespeed for simple cycling

Big BMX is, as the name suggests, a BMX-style bike with 26in mountain bike wheels instead of the usual 20in or 24in and a large, adult-friendly frame.


Carl Tatum created the bike after years of living abroad and riding simple sit-up-and-beg bikes. “For years I was riding a Dutch bike, and it’s what everyone else was riding too,” he said. “I’m trying to make a bike that’s totally simple and bring it to the UK.”

Retailing at around £330, the Big BMX has an aluminium frame with disc brake bosses and slotted dropouts. If singlespeed bikes aren’t your thing, it can be used with an internal gear hub.

Tatum says the Big BMX is a good alternative to the many budget BSOs (Bike Shaped Object) on the market which promise ‘dual suspension’, disc brakes and other components which are usually inadequate, unnecessary and could actually put people off cycling.

“The Big BMX has a nice upright position which means the riders doesn’t have to stretch out – and it offers the rider good peripheral vision,” he said. “Anyone can get on it and feel comfortable.”


We’re looking forward to getting our leg over a Big BMX. Are you? Let us know in the comments section below. For more information head to