Bike and accessory innovations from Tern and BioLogic

Physis 3D handlepost technology and iPhone cases on show at Taipei Show

Folding bike specialist Tern Bicycles debuted a key upgrade to its range at the Taipei Cycle Show, while sister company BioLogic showed off its latest Bike Mount Plus for Apple’s iPhone 5. Though these bits don’t attract as much attention as carbon fiber racing gear or the latest in aerodynamics, there’s still a lot of clever thinking at play.


Tern’s slick Physis “handlepost” already featured a well-engineered tapered shape and secure locking hinge that lent a surprising amount of rigidity to the front end of its folding bikes while staying reasonably lightweight. New for MY2014, however, is the Physis 3D, which integrates the mast and hinged base into a one-piece forging.

Tern claims the new design is stronger and yields a cleaner aesthetic. The Physis 3D will be integrated as a rolling change on all models previously fitted with the original version.

BioLogic iPhone solutions

Tern’s sister company, BioLogic, unveiled two new cases for the iPhone 5. 

The Bike Mount Plus features a weatherproof, hard-shelled plastic design with o-ring seals, a touch-compatible transparent membrane, and quick-release clamps to securely lock your phone inside. The mount can be used on both stems and handlebars, the case can be rotated for portrait or landscape viewing, and flip-down ports allow access to headphone and charge ports when needed.

BioLogic has also fitted the Bike Mount Plus with a silicone rubber liner to absorb impact and a handy ‘kickstand’ on the back for use on a tabletop when you’re not riding. Suggested retail price is US$55/€55.

BioLogic’s new waterproof bike mount for the iphone 5. the phone can still be operated through through the transparent front film:
James Huang/Future Publishing

The phone can still be operated through the thin transparent film

BioLogic also showed a new aluminum Hard Case for the iPhone 5 for US$125/€125. Unfortunately the associated bike mount isn’t due until late fall but, as with the Bike Mount Plus, all of the phone’s buttons, ports, and cameras are fully accessible and there’s a silicone rubber liner to absorb shock.

BioLogic says its aluminum Hard Case is certified to IP68 weatherproofing standards, meaning it’s sealed from dust and submersible up to 15m (50ft) – good features if you regularly ride in nasty conditions. The plastic Bike Mount Plus can’t quite match that level but BioLogic says it’s still certified to IPX4, so it’s “not waterproof, but good against drizzle, mud, and sweat,” said Tern/Biologic consumer marketing man Eric Mah.


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