Bike Leasing Company offer cycle loan schemes

Investors and brand ambassadors wanted

The Bike Leasing Company are searching for investors and UK brand ambassadors

Many car buyers will be familiar with lease agreements, but the idea isn’t well established when it comes to the bicycle market. In late 2011, Paul Mander-O’Beirne set out to offer a more cost-effective way to enjoy a new, premium bike, and the Bike Leasing Company was born.


Now a successful outfit featuring an impressive array of brands, the Bike Leasing Company have gone from strength to strength after exploiting the gap in the market.

The idea behind the scheme is much the same as it is in the world of car sales, with an option to either buy the item outright, extend the lease further or simply hand the product back after a set timescale. 

With more and more people unable to buy expensive products outright, the Bike Leasing Company are poised for significant growth this year, and have announced an investment scheme that aims to raise £100,000 for the company.

The Bike Leasing Company have a pitch running with Crowdcube, a funding platform that helps companies raise business finance. By offering different incentives for investing, the scheme has already raised more than £28,000. Rewards range from T-shirts to £6,000 bikes, and anyone who invests £10 or more will be autotmatically entered into a draw to win a free 12-month lease of a £5,000 bike.

Another goal for the company is to find brand ambassadors in the UK, to “communicate the experience of riding pro level bikes without breaking the bank to potential customers”. This role would also involve arranging test rides for the public, and would be a commission earner as well as offering preferential rates on leases. 


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