BikeParka bicycle cover now available in the United States

All-weather bicycle cover comes in versions for home and commuter use

The BikeParka is an all-weather bicycle cover designed to fit bicycles of every shape and size.


It comes in two versions: the Stash is designed for those who store their bicycles outside their homes, or on apartment balconies, while the Urban is designed with commuting in mind; panels with Velcro closures on each side allow the Urban to be locked to the bike.

Both styles feature an elastic cuff at the bottom for a snug fit around the wheels, two grommets for ties or a small lock, and come with a stuff sack.

The Stash and Urban have the same dimensions: 80in x 50in (205cm x 125cm), which should fit most bicycles. When packed into the stuffsack, the BikeParka measures 8in x 3in (20cm x 12cm), allowing it to fit in most backpacks and panniers.

The stash is designed for use in more secure locations and lacks the pass-through panels for locking it to the bicycle:
The BikeParka is designed to fit most types and sizes of bicycles

The BikeParka is produced by a New Zealand-based tent manufacturer. Much like a tent, the BikeParka is constructed of polyester Ripstop fabric, which won’t stretch or sag when wet, with taped seams to protect the stitching and keep water from seeping through. The Ripstop fabric has a water resistant polyurethane coating with a UPF50+ rating that should keep the colors from fading. The BikeParka comes in grey, black, pink and blue.


Prices are $49.95 for the Stash and $59.95 for the Urban.