BikeRadar at Eurobike

Read all about Europe's biggest bike show here first


The biggest ever edition of Europe’s biggest bike show, Eurobike, is over and we continue to process the mountain of information we brought back


Spread over thirteen huge exhibition halls, the event featured a mind-boggling array of bikes and bike-related products and with around 850 exhibitors from 37 countries present, some 200 world premieres took place. We will continue to bring you all the highlights as well as some of the quirkier items seen in Friedrichshafen via a series of podcasts and postings.

Our technical guru Jez Loftus casts a mechanically trained eye (or two)over the latest product developments while Editor-in-Chief Tony Farrelly did the rounds to ensure that you get to hear about the trends, the personalities and the more off-the-wall offerings at the show.


So keep checking the ‘related articles’ tab, right, for updates and be among the first to get all the good craic from Eurobike.