BikeRadar Bargains: cheap puncture repair and protection

Not glamorous, but completely essential

Inner tubes. Glamorous they ‘ain’t. However, they are an essential piece of kit for every cyclist whether they ride tubeless or not, since at the very least having one on your person may mean the difference between a long walk home and being able to continue your ride — and the same holds true of puncture repair kits, too.


So to save you the exceedingly boring job of trawling the internet to find the best deals on inner tubes and puncture repair, we’ve done the hard work for you.

All you need to do is scroll down, click through to the deal that catches your eye, stock up, then relax, safe in the knowledge that that’s one boring but necessary task ticked off the list. 

Oh, and in case you happen to have a stock of old inner tubes lying about, you can actually help change lives for the better with them. How? The Kizevac Project sends them out to be transformed into useful goods, such as wallets and phone cases by craftspeople in Malawi, then buys the finished product back to be resold in the UK. 

Continental Race 28 Training 700C Presta Valve Inner Tube — £8.99 £3.25–£3.69

Big brand, small price
Fans of wider tyres rejoice, for these Continental Race inner tubes fit up to a 28in tyre width.

You can choose from either a 42mm Presta valve for £3.25 per tube or the longer 60mm valve for £3.69.

Both represent an over 50 percent discount, which makes them a good bet to stock up. 

Schwalbe MTB Tube — £7.99 £4.49

Currently available with a 44% discount
Chain Reaction Cycles
Schwalbe’s MTB tubes are currently discounted at Chain Reaction and are available in 24-, 26-, 27.5- and 29-inch wheel sizes.

The tubes are available with Presta or Schrader valves too.

Bag these with a 44 percent discount currently and that trail puncture won’t seem quite so annoying.

Schwalbe ProCore Tube Set — £156.99 £98.99–109.99

Schwalbe ProCore Tube Set
Chain Reaction Cycles
If you’re looking to protect your rims, and protect against impact punctures, Chain Reaction has the Procore in-tyre system discounted by up to 37 percent.

So if price has been putting you off this upgrade for your tyres now could be the time to get your hands on a set. You’ll still have to fit it of course, but saving up to £58 could make you that little bit more patient.

LifeLine Road Inner Tube — £2.25 £1.99

One of the cheapest inner tubes we’ve found
£1.99 for an inner tube? No, your eyes are not deceiving you! And what’s more, Wiggle has upped the discount further by offering a bulk-buy offer.

Buy five and save 10 percent, buy 10 and save 15 percent. 

Slime Presta Bike Inner Tube 700c — £11.99 £6.00

Slime’s tubes with sealant
Chain Reaction Cycles
The Slime inner tube contains a sealant that is designed to help seal up any leaks if they occur and the green colour helps you work out where the leak is, making repairs quicker.

As well as tubes for road bikes they are also available for mountain bikes with a 17 percent discount in a selection of wheel sizes, widths and valves. 

Lezyne Alloy Drive Mini ABS Pump with Hose — £34.99 £25.95

Make sure you take a pump with you
Of course, if you do get a puncture out on a ride you’ll need a means of inflating any replacement tubes you fit.

Thankfully, there are plenty of discounts to be had online currently for mini pumps but we’ve picked the Lezyne Alloy Drive Mini ABS Pump with Hose which is available on Wiggle with a 25 percent discount on the RRP.

Fabric CO2 Lever Kit — £19.99 £16.99

Fabric CO2 Lever Kit
Jacob Gibbins / Immediate Media
Another option is to carry a CO2 inflator for a quick way to inflate your tyres, as well as save space.

Fabric’s CO2 Lever Kit performed well in our recent 6 of the best test scoring four stars, and includes two cartridges as well as two tyre levers.

It also works with both Presta and Schrader valves, and the foam sleeve will protect your hands from the freeze.

Ribble Cycles currently has the Fabric CO2 Lever Kit discounted by 15 percent on RRP.

Park Tool Puncture Repair Kit Super Patch — £3.49 £2.48

Reduce, reuse and recycle — using patches to give old tubes a new lease of life
Park Tool

Repair those punctured inner tubes rather than throwing them away with a repair patch kit like this one from Park Tool.

This little kit comes in under two quid and has everything you need to fix up those inner tubes so you can use them again and again. 


Updated 30 October 2017