BikeRadar Bargains: great deals on 5 of the fastest road tyres

Refresh your road bike for summer with these deals

For this week’s edition of BikeRadar Bargains, we’ve pulled together the best deals on five of the fastest options from our road bike tyres group test last year.


Whether you’re looking for that extra smidge of watt-saving performance or are just looking to get some new rubber for the summer, a new set of tyres can massively transform the ride of your bike.

With some huge discounts on offer you’d be mad not to try something new for the warmer months ahead. 

Schwalbe Pro One Evo Tubeless — £67 £39.95

The Schwalbe Pro One tubeless was the fastest on test
Ben Delaney / Immediate Media
The lightweight, tubeless-ready Pro One came out on top in our group test and also performed admirably out on the road.

If you value out-and-out speed over all else, this is the tyre for you. This tyre makes for an easy tubeless setup and a great ride, and we gave it 4.5-stars when we reviewed it.

Michelin Power Competition — £37.99 £32.99

Michelin was the best clincher on test and it seems to have better durability than the Schwalbe and Specialized tubeless models
Ben Delaney / Immediate Media
The Power Competition demands a mere 1w more effort than the Pro One (this is the fastest non-tubeless tyre we have tested) and was also one of the cheapest tyres in our test. That means we gave it top marks in our review.

Now you can have it even cheaper with a £5 saving at Chain Reaction Cycles.

Vittoria Competition Corsa — £54.99 £34.99

Vittoria claims improved rolling resistance and cornering grip from the graphene in the rubber compound
Ben Delaney / Immediate Media
The Corsa G+ provides an exceptional ride with great amounts of grip. The rubber compound uses graphene, which is claimed to improve the holy trifecta of grip, wear and rolling resistance.

It’s a pricey option, but it’s one of our favourite road clinchers around, and we’ve found a bargain for you!

Continental Grand Prix 4000 S2 — £54.95 £28.99

The Continental Grand Prix 4000 has long been a great tyre and the S2 is no exception
Ben Delaney / Immediate Media
The venerable GP 4000 S2 has been the gold standard for high performance clincher tyres for some time now and while some other tyres may roll slightly faster, we’ve always found these to wear exceptionally well.

In his recent review Ben Delaney described it as “the Goldilocks performance road clincher.”

Bontrager R4 320 — £54.99 £47.50

Trek’s house-brand tyre performed very well. It feels great on the road, too
Ben Delaney / Immediate Media

The R4 really surprised us — for Trek’s house brand tyre to perform as well as the venerable Continental GP 4000 S2 is a really impressive achievement and we found the ride quality of these supple tyres to be “as smooth as silk”. 

Trek, Bontrager’s parent company, runs a strict fixed-pricing scheme, but we have found them with a small discount at Sigma Sport.