BikeRadar Bargains: tools, cleaning and maintenance

Spring clean your bike for a smooth ride with products from Muc-Off, Park Tool and more

It’s never a bad time to give your bike a little TLC with a clean, polish and tweak or two. Why not get some shiny new products to do it with? 


Let’s face it, this winter has not been kind. Torrential, relentless rain means roads and trails alike are sodden and covered in muck. Unless you’ve only been on the turbo or rollers indoors this winter, the chances are you’ve been washing your bikes. A lot. So to help ensure your steed is in tip top condition, and to lighten the pain of forking out for yet more bike cleaner, we bring you some of the best bike tools, cleaning and maintenance bargains. 

Sealey PW1712 rechargeable 12V pressure washer £191.94 £106.00 

Get your bike cleaner faster with a pressure washer like this one from sealey:
A pressure washer is – so long as you use it right and keep it away from delicate parts – a regular cyclist’s best friend, and particularly if that cyclist happens to live in the UK and rides year-round. The Sealey PW1712 (not a name that trips off the tongue) has a 17l water tank and can run off the 12v socket in vehicles. It also comes with a rechargeable battery, if you want to use it on the go. 

Also included is a 6m hose, various nozzles, a brush attachment and detergent bottles. 

Available with a 45% discount from Tweeks Cycles

Juice Lubes Scrub and Buff Pack £36.99 £20.34

Juice lubes maintenance kit:
Give your bike a thorough clean then a rub-down with the Juice Lube Polish and Protector spray and you’ll have it looking shiny and new in no time. The pack comes with a chain cleaning device, degreaser and cleaner and chain lube too. 

Available with a 45% discount from Wiggle

Birzman Tool Bag with Tools £99.99 £74.99

The birzman essential tool kit to get your home workshop started:
Get your home workshop set up with a set of essential tools from Birzman. The set includes screwdrivers, a ratchet wrench set, cable cutters, a long arm ball point hex key set, mini chain rivet extractor and more. 

Available with a 25% discount from Hargroves Cycles

GT85 Lubricant 400ml Aerosol £4.99 £2.25

GT85 drives out moisture and leaves a fine protective ptfe coating:
GT85 is the go-to lubricant for many a cyclist. It’s hydrophobic so pushes water out of places you’d rather it wasn’t after a wash, and contains PTFE which leaves a protected, lubricating film. It’s also safe on carbon frames. 

Available with a 55% discount from Wiggle

Park Tool Cyclone Chain Scrubber CM5.2 £27.99 £14.99

Park tool chain cleaner:
The Cyclone Chain Scrubber from Park Tool is an enclosed system that allows you to clean your chain without removing it. You can even replace the brush once that begins to wear out. Pair it up with some chain cleaner and you’ll have a clean chain in no time – though if you want to go all out for chain cleanliness, you’ll have to read the Home Wrench guide to chain cleaning

Available with a 46% discount from Chain Reaction Cycles

Park Tool PCS4 Deluxe Home Mechanic Repair Workstand £274.99 £206.28

Elevate your home mechanic-ing with this work stand from park tool: elevate your home mechanic-ing with this work stand from park tool
To really get to work on your bike, there’s nothing like having a stand to pop it on. This one from Park Tool is a heavy duty option, but can be folded flat when not in use. The clamp can be rotated 360 degrees and you can adjust the height up to 170cm / 67 inches. 

Available now with a 20% discount from Tweeks Cycles

Muc-Off 5 Cleaning Brush Set £26 £17.99

Muc off brush set: muc off brush set
The set from Muc-Off has 5 brushes designed to clean your bike from top to toe, front wheel to back, handle bars to bottom bracket and everything in between. The large soft washing brush will remove mud and debris from frame and wheels, the detailing brush gets the crud out of tight areas like sprockets and fork crowns, and others will deal with wheels, chains, discs, spokes and more. 

Available with a 31% discount from Merlin Cycles

Grangers Cleaner 2 in 1 £2.99 £2

Grangers 2 in 1 cleaner for outdoor kit: grangers 2 in 1 cleaner for outdoor kit
You may not have spent quite as much money on your riding gear as you did on your bike, but it’s still worth investing in a few products to keep your kit functioning well for as long as possible, The Grangers 2-in-1 both cleans and refreshes the water repellence of garments, though you will need to tumble dry them afterwards. 

Available from Hargroves Cycles with a 33% discount

X-Tools Pro Chain Rivet Extractor £24.99 £14.99

The x-tools chain link extractor: the x-tools chain link extractor
This heavy-duty steel chain rivet extractor has rubberised grips for better traction, comes with a replacement splitting pin, and is suitable for all chain types from singlespeed up to 11-speed. 

Available now with a 40% discount from Chain Reaction Cycles

Muc-Off CRC Pro Cleaning Kit II £79 £49.99

Everything you need in one kit from muc off: everything you need in one kit from muc off
Everything you need for keeping your bike clean, shiny and in good nick, and it comes with a handy storage box too. The Muc-Off Pro Cleaning Kit has a microfibre cloth, sponge, brush set, bike cleaner, chain cleaner and lube. They’ve even thrown in some Muc-Off dry shower so you can clean yourself after you’ve cleaned your bikes. 

Available with a 37% discount from Chain Reaction Cycles

BBB BTL-12 LockOut Cassette Lockring Tool £11.95 £8.99

BBB lockring tool: bbb lockring tool
If you want to take your cassette off to replace it, or just for a really good clean, you’ll need one of these. It’s compatible with Shimano and Campagnolo cassettes, and has a comfortable padded handle so you can keep a firm grip when using it. 

Available with a 25% discount from Merlin Cycles

Park Tool Chain Whip and Pedal Wrench £24.99 £18.79

Is it a chain whip? is it a pedal spanner? it’s both! multipurpose tools from park tool: is it a chain whip? is it a pedal spanner? it’s both! multipurpose tools from park tool

To go with your cassette lockring tool above, you’ll probably need a chain whip. This one from Park Tool serves a double purpose – one end is a chain whip, the other a pedal wrench. 


Available with a 25% discount from Hargroves Cycles