BikeRadar forum update

We're back!

BikeRadar's forum should be back up and running again soon

The BikeRadar forum has been down for posting for the best part of a week, but we have now managed to resurrect it again. We apologise for the delay.


In simple terms, what happened was that the forum hit its maximum number of posts (around 16 million). This number can be raised, but to do that it takes time. Running a short script over the entire forum database takes the best part of a day, as does importing the database onto our test server. And that’s if it works.

The good news is that the forum is now back to the point where users can post. However it’s not 100% yet: the time and date stamp on the latest posts isn’t working and you won’t be able to search the forum for a few days.

In addition we will be upgrading the forum, partly to prevent this happening again and partly to give forum users some more features. Thanks for your patience. We hope you’ve used the forum downtime to ride your bikes!

Finally, we’re going to award a prize to hardy26, the forum member who broke the camel’s back, as it were. This is hardy26’s final post that put us over the limit.


The BikeRadar team