BikeRadar hits 300,000 YouTube subscribers

Watch these 6 top uploads from our video team

Our pick of the top 6 videos from BikeRadar's YouTube channel

Our video team are kings of the office today – BikeRadar’s YouTube channel just hit 300,000 subscribers.


Impressively, it’s been a mere nine months since the last big milestone of 200,000 subs was reached. To celebrate, we asked our video team to pick six of their favourite edits from the past year or so – check them out below.

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1. Best Superbikes – Top 3 – Bike Of The Year 2016

Cycling Plus‘ annual search for the best road bike has come to an end. This year, it’s been split over four different price groups, with this one looking at bikes priced at more than £2750, or $3800.

Best superbikes – top 3 – bike of the year 2016

2. Tom & Ruby summertime shred

Tom from pre-owned bike shop Flatout Cycles knows how to shred, and that means he needs a trail dog that can keep up. Thankfully Ruby, his Hungarian Vizsla, is a certified ripper. 

Tom & ruby summertime shred

3. ICONS – the family man

Jonathan Page is the only non-European to win a medal in the Men’s Elite CX World Championships. Here’s his story, as told by the man himself.

ICONS – the family man

4. Full sus vs hardtail – what’s fastest for XC?

What’s the best MTB for XC racing? BikeRadar’s resident race whippet Joe Norledge carried out his own 100% unscientific test.

Full sus vs hardtail – what’s fastest for xc?

5. Tubulars vs clinchers: which is fastest?

On a slightly more scientific, or at least quasi-scientific, note, we borrowed two sets of ENVE’s new SES 4.5 wheelset to look into the dilemma of choosing between tubs and clinchers – something that’s getting harder for anyone contemplating a high-end wheelset purchase.

Tubulars vs. clinchers: which is fastest?

6. How to bunnyhop

Sam and Matt from Ashton Court (Bristol UK) based skills company Pedal Progression, show you how to bunnyhop.

How to bunnyhop – mtb skills

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