BikeRadar Live 2010: MBUK Dirt Jump Invitational preview

Part of the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour

Sam Reynolds, winner of the 2009 Mountain Biking UK Dirt Jump Invitational

The Mountain Biking UK Dirt Jump Invitational will be one of the highlights of BikeRadar Live, and we’ve got some of the world’s top pros lined up, so you know it’s going to be sick!


Held in association with freeride legends Norco, the final will take place on Sunday 11 July, with a crowd of thousands watching. We’ll have three pro riders judging, but crowd reaction will also play a big part in deciding the winner, so make some noise when you see your favourite rider!

On Saturday there’ll be a practice round and two scoring rounds, followed by one more scoring round on Sunday. The judges will add the points together to decide which four riders go on to the grand final, where they’ll go head-to-head for the winner-takes-all cash prize of £5,000. At this point the scores will be wiped clean and the crowd will join as a fourth judge to decide the victor.

Last year’s winner Sam Reynolds will be defending his crown, and with fellow Brit Sam Pilgrim fresh from wins at Austria’s White Style and Vienna Air King comps, and Lance McDermott determined to put injury behind him, you know they’ll all be bringing it! Here’s a rundown of 10 of the riders who’ll be taking part in the event, which is part of the new Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour – look out for details of more riders soon:

Grant fielder:

Name: Grant Fielder 

Rides for: Kona 

Blake samson:

Name: Ray Samson

Rides for: DMR Bikes

Chris smith :

Name: Chris Smith

Rides for: Corsair

Danny pace:

Name: Danny Pace

Rides for: Identiti

Jim davage:

Name: Jim Davage

Rides for: Brooklyn Machine Works

Josh slater:

Name: Josh Slater

Rides for: Curtis Bikes

Ray samson:

Name: Blake Samson

Rides for: Ashton Diamondback

Ricky crompton:

Name: Ricky Crompton

Rides for: Ride Life

Sam pilgrim:

Name: Sam Pilgrim

Rides for: Ashton Diamondback

Sam reynolds:

Name: Sam Reynolds


Rides for: DMR