BikeRadar Live: Batribike to launch new electric bikes

UK-based company to unveil Diamond and Granite models

We’re pleased to announce the attendance of Batribike at this year’s BikeRadar Live on 10-11 July, where they’ll launch two new electric bikes as well as offering the other models in their range to demo.


The new Diamond and Granite feature regenerative braking – ie. power generated when going downhill is used to recharge the battery – and a choice of four levels of motorised pedalling assistance, which can be selected using a handlebar-mounted display. So, you can use more power on the hills and less on the flat.

Batribike’s Sue Coulson says electric bikes are becoming more mainstream. “Electric bikes make cycling more inclusive,” she says. “Whatever your ability there is a chance to get out there and enjoy a bike ride. BikeRadar Live will be an excellent opportunity for consumers to test our bikes.

“Nothing compares to actually riding an electric bike. They all have different characteristics and it’s important to ‘try before you buy’ to check that the one you like the look of is also the one you like to ride.


“The Brands Hatch test track at BikeRadar Live will give you the chance to try a Batribike on a gradient, which is exactly what all our customers want to know – what’s it like on a hill? A ride on a Batribike electric bike has a definite ‘grin factor’. We look forward to seeing lots of smiling faces.”