BikeRadar Live film festival preview: ‘Enjoy’ and ‘24 Solo’

Mountain bike films featuring dirt, slopestyle and cross-country riding

This year’s BikeRadar Live on 10-11 July will have loads of off-the-bike activity going on, including live music, DJs, go-karting, a pub quiz and a film festival.


If you’re arriving at Brands Hatch on the Friday, why not head to the Big Top where a variety of films will be shown throughout the weekend, including Enjoy and 24 Solo.

At 11.15pm we’ll be showing Enjoy from This is a big dirt/street/slopestyle bike movie project from a group of 14 Polish and CzechRepublic riders. Filmed throughout 2009, it includes sessions and contests in Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Russia.

Following Enjoy we’ll have 24 Solo from Gripped Films. Directed by Jason Berry, this is a feature-length documentary that follows six-time world champion Chris Eatough around the globe as he defends his title in the unforgiving sport of 24-hour solo mountain bike racing. Shot in high definition, this rare glimpse into Eatough’s personal life is a rollercoaster of energy and emotion.

The film balances action and behind-the-scenes footage with commentary from some of the biggest names in mountain biking, including Gary Fisher, John Stamstad, Hans Rey, John Tomac, Alison Dunlap and Ned Overend, cut to a powerful soundtrack crafted by award-winning Off Road to Athens composer Haik Naltchayan.

The film’s dramatic conclusion leaves one racer victorious and one hospitalised with severe blood poisoning. Watch the trailer now:


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