BikeRadar Live: James Norton smashes Dahon folding race

New Master of the universe

James Norton took out the Dahon Folding Bike Championship of the Universe at BikeRadar Live in the Seasoned Commuter class, annihilating a field comprising folder experts from the Dahon and Brompton squads and fit folder newbies in a race over four-laps of the Donington motor race course.


Simon Soengard from Denmark came over to BikeRadar Live for the weekend, entered the one-lap Novice race and, like James, took away a Dahon Mu P8. Other prizes included Bespoke clothing and Met helmets.

In the four-lap Seasoned Commuter event, James led almost from the gun, very rapidly unfolding his bike after the LeMans start and getting under way up the hill of the Donington motor circuit before some riders had even remembered which way the handlebars went.

In particular, Procycling magazine’s Dan Friebe was desperately struggling with the technicalities of getting his bike working and was last away.

A lemans style start for the dahon folding bike championship of the universe:
Chris Keller-Jackson

A LeMans style start

James norton taking the lead: james norton taking the lead
Chris Keller-Jackson

James Norton taking the lead

If there’d been a prize for the day’s biggest guts effort it would have gone to Friebe, who was back in contact with a five-man chasing bunch at the end of the first lap, along with his colleague Ellis Bacon and cycling author Richard Moore.

But as the chasers put on neckties in the end-of-first-lap challenge, James was long gone and storming up the hill. The chase group was splintered by the challenge – some people clearly spend far too much time in t-shirts – and James’ lead never looked in danger.

He cruised into the finish, stopped at the finish bus-stop, deftly folded his bike and sprinted up the hill across the finish line.

Novice winner simon soengard with his prize and the dahon reps: novice winner simon soengard with his prize and the dahon reps
Chris Keller-Jackson

Novice winner Simon Soengard with his Dahon Mu P8 and the Dahon reps

Team brompton before the race: team brompton before the race
Chris Keller-Jackson

Team Brompton were well kitted out

Mount that bike: mount that bike
Chris Keller-Jackson

Mount that bike!



Seasoned Commuter race
1 James Norton
2 Richard Moore
3 Jack Hibberd
Novice Commuter race
1 Simon Soengard
2 Jeffrey Baker
3 Adrian Moore