BikeRadar Meets Podcast | Sam Morris, MTB Guide and Founding President of European Bike Guides

What it takes to be a mountain bike guide and how to become a guide yourself…

Sam Morris has been a professional mountain bike guide in the French Alps for over 20 years. In that time, guiding has gone from a summer escape for a lucky few to a full-time professional role.


Sam has built one of the most respected guiding companies in the Alps, BikeVillage, and, having become involved in efforts to professionalise the industry, he almost by accident became the Founding President of the European Bike Guides organisation – the aim of which is to have a pan-European top-level qualification for mountain bike guides.

BikeRadar Podcast | Meets MTB Guide and President of European Bike Guides Sam Morris
Taking guests to incredible places is only one small part of the job.
Paul Banyagi Mugenyi

In this podcast, technical editor Tom Marvin talks to Sam about the realities of being a mountain bike guide, the organisation, and how to become a guide yourself.

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