The BikeRadar Meets podcast | Nico Vouilloz

Nico Vouilloz, 10-time DH world champion chats to us about the current state of mountain bike racing, his career and e-MTBs

BikeRadar Meets Nico Vouilloz

I sat down with ten-time world champion Nico Vouilloz to discuss his current projects with Lapierre, his downhill career, the current state of mountain bike racing, and how the French have seemed to dominate the rankings over the past couple of years.


This interview was recorded during the launch of Lapierre’s new Overvolt GLP2 e-enduro bike, so, as you’d expect, we started our conversation talking about the new bike and how it sits within the e-MTB market as a whole.

It’s an interesting and ever-changing market, with new race series popping up and influencing bike design all the time.

Nico Riding the Lapierre Overvolt GLP2
Nico riding the new Lapierre Overvolt GLP2.
Pongo Visual / Lapierre

We did move on to other, non-electrically assisted topics, however, including Nico’s incredible career at the top of mountain bike racing, the growth and development of enduro and DH racing over the past decade, as well as probing how the French are so damn good at mountain bike racing right now, from XC to DH, via enduro.

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