BikeRadar Podcast | What’s the best gearing for gravel?

Is 1× really the be-all and end-all for gravel?

Campagnolo Ekar cassette on bike

Gravel is the hottest riding niche right now and there’s never been more choice in components designed for drop-bar bikes that blur the lines between road and mountain.


In our latest tech-focused podcast, Matthew Loveridge and Jack Luke discuss what makes good gravel gearing, and revisit the perennial debate – is 1× always better than 2×?

Shimano GRX offers some great options for gravel riders but it’s 1× offering isn’t as generous as it could be.

Meanwhile, Campagnolo Ekar offers arguably the best ready-made mechanical 1× option, and SRAM’s eTap AXS groupsets offer wide 2× gearing and the option to mix road and mountain bike components for a so-called mullet setup.

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