BikeRadar Podcast | How we chose our 2022 Bike of the Year winners

Jack, Simon and Warren talk through this year's Bike of the Year testing and how we decided on the winners

Bike of the Year overall winner shot for podcast

Last week, we revealed our 2022 Bike of the Year winners – now it’s time for the story behind this year’s test.


Bike of the Year is a massive undertaking, with 47 bikes tested through winter and early spring, across eight road, gravel and mountain bike categories.

In this episode of the BikeRadar Podcast, Jack Luke is joined by Simon von Bromley and Warren Rossiter to discuss how we tested this year’s road bike and gravel bike categories.

Despite challenges in even getting hold of bikes, the team still managed to rack up thousands of kilometres of testing, with the Giant Revolt Advanced Pro 0 taking the top spot – the first time a gravel bike has won our overall Bike of the Year test.

Our 2022 Gravel Bike of the Year test also gave us our overall winner.
Russel Burton / Our Media

Want the lowdown on this year’s MTB Bike of the Year categories?

Tom Marvin, who was in charge of the trail bike category, won by the Trek Top Fuel 8, and Alex Evans, who crowned the Nukeproof Megawatt 297 Factory XT as our inaugural eMTB Bike of the Year, are joined by Luke Marshall to discuss the trials and tribulations of this year’s Bike of the Year testing.

Unfortunately, Robin Weaver, who headed up the enduro category, was unable to join this week’s podcast, but the trio also discuss Rob’s winner, the Nukeproof Giga 297 Carbon Elite, in his absence.

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