BikeRadar Podcast | Do electronic gizmos make your riding better?

Can adding batteries, circuit boards, motors, wires and Bluetooth connectivity improve your ride?

SRAM XX1 Ealge AXS shifter on the Specialized S-Works Turbo Kenevo SL full suspension mountain eBike

Tom and Alex discuss whether adding electronic gizmos to your bike makes it, and your ride, better.

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From pre-ride planning to components with a battery in, as well as post-ride analysis, there’s plenty of tech out there to try to improve your ride. But, does it?

We’ve been lucky enough to test a whole host of such tech at BikeRadar, and think much of it genuinely improves your riding or ride experience. From SRAM’s wireless AXS drivetrains and Flight Attendant suspension lockouts, through to a plethora of GPS devices and power meters, there’s plenty of electronic technology available to the everyday rider.

Want to hear more? Look out for our podcast on the inside story behind SRAM’s Rival AXS groupset and advice on training with Wahoo.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro Solar GPS smartwatch
So much electronic tech can now be loaded onto your wrist.
Alex Evans / Immediate Media

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