BikeRadar Podcast | Emily Chappell on racing across continents

Emily Chappell tells us the lessons she's learned from her racing career

Emily Chappell cycling

The BikeRadar Meets podcast is where we get to talk to interesting and influential people in the cycling industry. This week, Mildred Locke chats to Emily Chappell — ultra-endurance racer and fastest woman in the 2016 Transcontinental Race — about her experience of racing across the world.


On the back of her latest book, Where There’s a Will: Hope, Grief and Endurance in a Cycle Race Across a Continent, Emily recalls the lessons she learned while racing the Transcontinental, and gives useful advice on everything from her bike setup and the foods that kept her fuelled to how she motivated herself through the most trying times.

While you’ll take a lot from this episode (and hopefully feel inspired to sign up for your own adventure), it’s not just about racing. Emily talks about understanding your own limits, knowing when you’re ready and breaking through mental barriers.


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