BikeRadar Podcast | What’s better, a hardtail or full suspension mountain bike?

Tech ed Tom Marvin and MBUK staff writer Will Soffe discuss the finer points of the hardtail versus full suspension bike debate

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BikeRadar’s Tom Marvin and MBUK’s Will Soffe discuss what they think is better, a hardtail or full suspension mountain bike.

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We all know there isn’t a straightforward answer to that question, and views on which is better will range from lukewarm to boiling hot on both sides of the debate.

Whether you’re sitting on the fence or are a devout supporter of one camp or the other, be sure to read up on the best mountain bikes under £1,000 for most things hardtail, and lift your budget slightly to find out what the best mountain bikes under £2,000 are with full-suspension frames.

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