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BikeRadar Podcast | 10 bits of kit to get through winter

Mountain bike tech eds, Tom and Alex, discuss the 10 pieces of kit that help them navigate the cold and wet of winter

Cyclist in green top riding full-suspension mountain bike in wet conditions

Though winter might be coming to an end soon, it has been a long one in the UK. However, Tom and Alex have found it a little more comfortable thanks to some key pieces of kit.


In this episode of the BikeRadar Podcast, they talk through the kit that has helped make their winters a little more comfortable than they might otherwise have been.

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Each of the items mentioned in the podcast are also listed below…

Alex’s picks

Sealskinz socks

Sealskinz Waterproof Cold Weather Mid Length Sock with Hydrostop
Alex’s pins protected by some Sealskinz.
Alex Evans / Immediate Media

So long as water doesn’t get in the top of the socks, Alex reckons these are a sure-fire way of keeping your feet warm and dry.

Mudhugger Kit Bag

Save filling your car or van with mud by getting changed in this – pair it with a changing robe to save your modesty too!

Mudhugger / RRP mudguards

Longer zip-tied or bolted-on mudguards are the best way to keep your face free from mud, in our experience.

FiveTen Impact Pro shoes

FiveTen’s stealth Rubber sole makes this one of the grippiest shoes on the market.

Patagonia Micro Puff jacket

Patagonia Micro Puff Hoody
Alex, as snug as a bug in a rug.
Alex Evans / Immediate Media

Alex is a man who doesn’t like to put the heating on. Instead, he puts his Micro Puff jacket on.

Tom’s picks

Shimano MW7 boots

Shimano MW7 winter mountain biking black shoe
Tom’s toes would like to thank the MW7 this winter.
Lawrence Crossman-Emms

Gore-Tex lined with a neoprene booty, Tom’s pair of MW7s have kept his feet warm all winter, so far.

Gore Windstopper baselayer

A piece of kit that should be in every wardrobe – a long-sleeve, windproof baselayer! It makes a massive difference to warmth when a full-on jacket or softshell is a touch too much.

OneUp EDC Pump and Tool system

With its large air volume and a fairly comprehensive tool and puncture kit stashed inside it, the OneUp EDC Pump with integrated toolkit means Tom is rarely left stranded.

Worx Hydroshot

Worx Hydroshot
The Worx Hydroshot has had its worx cut out this winter.
Russell Burton / Immediate Media

A portable pressure washer that cleans Tom’s bikes on an almost daily basis (or so it feels!). Various packages are available from around £130 (RRP) up to £200+.

Shoe dryer

This has been a revelation this winter. A couple of hours of warm airflow drys shoes and warms gloves ready for the next ride!