BikeRadar Training: First month in numbers

An astonishing 277k miles have already been logged

BikeRadar Training

BikeRadar Training isn’t a month old yet but you wouldn’t know that from the mind-boggling volume of miles its users have racked up since the launch at the end of April.


The 1,645 registered users are rapidly on their way to a cumulative distance of 300,000 miles, the equivalent of 12 times around the Earth. The 277,000 miles so far have been clocked up through 27,785 hours of saddle time, which is the equivalent to one cyclist riding for over three years straight.

Six riders have already completed our ‘1000 mile Challenge’. The winner, Alastair Reynolds, has seemingly put his feet up and basked in the glory of passing the landmark four figures and was recently overtaken by both 1tal (1206 miles) and Latimer Todd (1317). The first 100 breaking through  the 1000-mile barrier will receive an exclusive BikeRadar Training t-shirt, so there are still 94 up for grabs.

Other eye-catching figures for May include Dougeeboy’s highest average speed of 26.5mph, Bramstoker’s phenomenal 161hrs of saddle time and Rob Hydon’s staggering 57 individual sessions.

This is just the start though. The more people that sign-up, the higher the bar will be raised and the harder it will become to top the leaderboards. And that can mean only one thing – more cycling. To register today for free, click here

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