BikeRadar welcomes three new writers

More expertise means more great bike advice

In our mission to bring you the best bike riding and buying advice on the web, I’m delighted to be able to announce that we have three new members on the BikeRadar editorial team.


In the US, Thomas McDaniel joins us as freelance writer. Thomas is hugely experienced, having spent 16 years wrenching in bike shops and as a mechanic for pro road teams. Although a love of wrenching remains, his biggest passion is in the connection of rider and bike. 

Leveraging a Master’s degree in Biomechanics from the University of Georgia studying pedaling kinematics and muscle activity, Thomas is in constant pursuit of improvements in the rider-bike equation. For the past six years Thomas worked for BMC and Specialized on equipment development.

Thomas McDaniel has worked at BMC and Specialized

In the UK, we welcome two names that regular readers may be familiar with: Matthew Allen and Tom Marvin. Matthew and Tom have been regular contributors to BikeRadar for several years and we’re delighted that they’ve now joined the team full-time.

Matthew has worked as a shop mechanic, built wheels for the fun of it and fallen off a bike a surprising number of times. For the last three years he’s written all about bikes and kit for our sister magazine Cycling Plus and other Immediate Media titles, as well as covering product launches and writing opinion pieces for BikeRadar. He’ll now be joining the website full-time as our Senior Writer. 

Matthew loves shiny components and beautiful bikes, but above all he’s interested in good design that makes riding and owning bikes a more glorious experience.

Matthew Allen is BikeRadar’s new Senior Writer

Tom can’t actually remember the first time he rode a bike (partly thanks to his astonishingly poor memory), but it was almost a lifetime ago. He can remember his early mountain bike days, though, and hasn’t looked back since. 17 years later, he’s just finished a stint as Technical Editor for What Mountain Bike magazine in the UK, and has moved over to join BikeRadar as Technical Editor. 

While mountain biking is his passion, he’s been known to sling a leg over the odd road and gravel bike too and has contributed reviews and features to Cycling Plus magazine over the years. 

Tom Marvin joins BikeRadar as Technical Editor

With these appointments we’ll be able to bring you even more bike-related goodness: more reviews and first looks at hot new bikes and bike gear, more advice on riding, maintenance and fitness and more in-depth features where we examine the latest bike tech. Say hello to them in the comments!