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Women’s cycling is growing fast, and we need some help to keep up with the demand! All the products you see reviewed on BikeRadar Women have been thoroughly tested, and with more women’s specific bikes, clothing and accessories available than ever before, we want to make sure we’ve reviewed all the products you’re interested in. 

So we’re looking for female riders who are interested in helping us test and review women’s bike gear. This may include road and mountain bikes, clothing, shoes, components or accessories. We may also invite you to meet up for photoshoots, or contact you to get your opinion on products or issues related to women’s cycling. 

Essentially, we’d love your help! Just fill in our short online form to register your interest. 

We’ll only contact you about reviews, photoshoots or to ask your opinions – nothing else! You can also unsubscribe at any time. 

We’ll get in touch when we have opportunities in your area. 

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