BikeRadar’s 2016 Most Wanted Awards are live!

Cast your votes for the bikes and gear you want most

It's time to cast your votes for the bikes you want most

What bike do you desire most? Is it the latest wind-cheating aero road bike you’re lusting after? Perhaps you’re searching for a new enduro rig capable of taming any trail.


Maybe it’s not a bike at all, but an upgrade to your existing ride, such as a new fork for your trail bike, the latest in electronic shifting, or a maybe you’re ready to make the jump to training with a power meter.

Our BikeRadar editors assembled the list of nominees based on the following criteria: bikes with a proven record of success under our own testers; bikes that push the envelope in terms of technology and design for their respective categories; and last but certainly not least, bikes and gear that make us want to get out and ride.

While our team of sprocketheads has selected the contenders, it’s up to you, our readers, to determine the ultimate winners.

To vote, head to our awards page below and select the bikes and products you think deserve the title of ‘Most Wanted’.


Be sure to hurry — voting ends Friday, May 27!