BikeRadar’s top 5 road bike reviews of ’09

What's the most popular?

Following on from our mountain bike round-up, here’s our countdown of the road bikes which have proven most popular with our readers over the past year (’09 models), based on how many of you have looked and commented on the reviews.


5] Focus Cayo

At number five in the list is the £989 Focus Cayo 105, which we described as “a classic road bike engineered to be stiff and direct, and to eke out the maximum speed for the effort you drive through the cranks”.

Reader opinions were divided, with some people bemoaning the groupset downgrade over the 2008 model (Shimano 105 instead of Ultegra) and the look of the raw carbon frame, and others singing its praises.

What you said: “I am very happy with it. Fast and comfortable ride, and great fun to be on. The 105 works fine in my opinion. Came well set up and ready to go straight out of the box.”


4] Specialized Langster

Specialized langster:
James Costley-White/

Specialized’s £440 Langster is the only singlespeed/fixie to make the top five, but it was a big hit with our tester, James Costley-White, who gave it 4.5/5 stars, and our readers, who gave it four thumbs up.

It may not have gears but the light, stiff alloy frame allows rapid acceleration and encourages you to ride as fast as your rapidly spinning legs will allow you to.

What you said: “I have this exact model and it’s an absolute blast. Nice and light, blisteringly quick, but above all, lots of fun. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”


3] Boardman Pro Carbon

Boardman pro carbon:

Boardman bikes have proven as popular with roadies and commuters as with mountain bikers, and the Pro Carbon is no exception. We called it “a high quality all-round performer at a bargain price”.

This £1,499 speed machine boasts a T800 carbon fibre frame – the same as the flagship Race Prepared model – SRAM Force groupset and Ritchey wheels.

What you said: “Having used the bike for a couple of months, I can tell you it’s great. It’s light, stiff, very comfortable and super-reliable. Price-wise, it’s astonishing value for money, considering what the gruppo and wheels alone cost individually.”


2] Planet-X SL Pro Carbon Dura-Ace

Planet x pro dura ace :
Seb Rogers

Coming in at number two on our list is the SL Pro Carbon Dura-Ace from online retailers Planet-X. At £1,759.99, it weighs in at just 16.86lb with a full suite of Shimano’s top line Dura-Ace stop-go gear.

Our tester, Guy Kesteven, said it wasn’t the stiffest option, but concluded that its extremely smooth, lightweight and well balanced frame and forks made it an absolute bargain.

What you said: “Firstly, generally love the bike. Not much better bang for your bucks out there. However, I occasionally experience the descending ‘shimmy’ with mine.”


1] Boardman Team Carbon

Boardman team carbon:

Boardman have dominated our top five lists this year, with four entries overall, including the Team Carbon which takes the top spot in our road bike countdown.

We gave it an extremely rare 5/5, and said it sets a new standard for sub £1,000 road bikes, performing like a bike costing hundreds of pounds more. You agreed, giving it a full five thumbs up.


What you said: “The bike is built for speed and its response is astonishing. Having used the previous model for racing, the extra the Carbon gives me is brilliant and I cannot wait for my first triathlon.”