Bikes with stock power meters inch closer to becoming a thing

Pioneer on Felt, Quarq on Venge, plus 'power-ready' cranks on Canyon, Fuji and Trek

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As options for power meters go up and prices go down, more companies are considering selling bikes stock with power meters. For 2017, Felt’s FR2 comes with a Pioneer left-side meter and Specialized’s two top-end S-Works Venge ViAS bikes come with Quarq meters. Further, a few brands are selling 2017 bikes with Quarq’s new ‘power-ready’ Prime cranksets, which come in alloy and carbon and feature a 8-bolt contact point for easy install of a Quarq power meter. The idea is that you can buy a bike and a Quarq in a shop at the same time, and have the thing installed before you roll the bike out the door.

At the Eurobike trade show next week, Quarq will announce a new power meter called DZero, which will be available as a standalone unit and as the bolt-on meter for the Prime cranks.

For now, Quarq isn’t talking much about the DZero except to say that it will ship with a combination T-handle and screwdriver, T20 Torx driver and new interface and chainring bolts, so bike shops or riders can make the upgrade.

The Quarq Prime crank features an 8-bolt connection for a meter

Trek is selling its Speed Concept 7.5 triathlon bike with the Prime crankset. Quarq said Canyon, Felt and Fuji are also selling 2017 bikes with Quarq Prime Power Ready cranks.

Felt is selling the FR1 and FR1 Disc race bikes and the VR4 endurance bike with cranks that can easily be upgraded to house a Quarq power meter. Further, the Californian brand’s FR2, a race bike with a Shimano Ultegra Di2 build, comes with a left-side Pioneer power meter. What’s more, all Felt’s new carbon FR frames have built-in magnets, so you don’t have to glue or tape them on for power meters like Pioneer or SRM that require them. 

All 2017 Felt FR carbon frames come with magnets for power meters like Pioneer or SRM

Raleigh became arguably the first sizable brand to offer a power meter on a stock bike with three models back in 2015, but that partnership with PowerTap did not continue. After decades of success with the hub-based system, PowerTap now also has power meters in pedals and a spider. PowerTap power meters are not available as stock on any 2017 bikes, but the company is trying to change that for 2018.

 The Speed Concept 7.5 is the only Trek bike that will come with a SRAM Quarq Power Ready crankset. While no stock Trek bikes will come with a power meter installed, you can get a Trek Project One custom machine with a meter.

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Also for 2017, Specialized is selling its ultra-spendy S-Works Venge ViAS Disc eTap and S-Works Venge ViAS Di2 aero bikes with Quarq power meters.

Specialized has two S-Works Venge bikes that come with power meters for 2017