Bio-Racer clothing to hit the USA

Jerseys can be tailored to fit

The Belgian and Columbian teams used Bio-Racer clothing at the Beijing Olympics - now it's available in the US

Bio-Racer, one of Europe’s top custom cycle clothing brands, is coming to the US.


Shaun Albin, who has worked for Squadra and Canari, has set up BioRacer USA in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Rather than just importing products from Bio-Racer’s HQ in Belgium, the clothing will be designed and manufactured in the US.

This will cut down on the business’s carbon footprint and mean the products are designed for the North American market.


Bio-Racer USA will also offer a unique service – its Custom Tailor programme. This enables riders to take customisation one-step further by having their jerseys tailor-made to fit their specific body type.