Birkebeiner sells out in record time

6,000 sign up for world's biggest MTB race

6,000 riders have signed up for the Birkebeinerrittet mountain bike race in Norway

The world’s biggest mountain bike race, the Birkebeinerrittet in Norway, has sold out in record time.


When registration opened at 9am local time on Monday, 6,000 places were taken in just 66 seconds.

By 9.05am, the waiting list contained 6,300 disappointed cyclists.

The first 6,000 places were open to any Norwegian cyclists. Additional slots will go to people who have participated five times or more, sponsors and foreign riders.

Usually, more than 15,000 racers participate in the annual event. Another 3,000 race the day before in the Birken, which was started for those who do not get slots in the main race.


The next Birkebeinerrittet is scheduled for August 29, 2009. For more information, visit