Blackburn goes ultra compact with its Race Day Portable trainer

Compact lightweight trainer that looks eerily familiar

Warming up before a race normally means riding around neighbourhood streets, or lugging a not-particularly-portable trainer or set of rollers to the event. But there is a relatively new hybrid category that is easy to transport, including the new Blackburn Race Day Portable Trainer.


Does this Blackburn product look familiar? That’s because it appears to be almost identical to the Feedback Sports Omnium, with a few minor differences, and a slightly smaller price tag — $400 to Feedback’s $430 (UK/AU pricing has not been announced).

Despite the obvious similarities, a Blackburn spokesperson said it was an in-house design. There was no licensing with Feedback Sports.

Feedback Sports VP Jeff Nitta said the Omnium does have a few patents, including the progressive magnetic resistance built into the drums.

“The original design from us is really picking up a lot of momentum this summer,” Nitta said. “You will see Lotto-Soudal using it this year in the grand tours, you may have seen it being used by the Olympic gold medalist in tri, Gwen Jorgensen, and we’ve had great success with [downhill racers] Danny Hart and Aaron Gwin using it to warm up before their runs.”

For Blackburn the Race Day weighs under a claimed 15lb / 6.8kg, and packs down to 121 x 76 x 178mm (20.5 x 3 x 7in). That makes it more compact than the Omnium, which measures 660 x 180 x 200 mm  (25.75″ x 7.25 x 8in) folded. 

The design is very similar to Feedback Sports’ Omnium Portable Trainer, but the Race Day Portable trainer is more compact and slightly cheaper

The Race Day comes with a carrying case.

The trainer has a steel quick release skewer, and is also compatible with 12mm and 15mm thru axles in both 100mm and 110mm Boost hub spacing using an included adapter.

At the back, each of the two rollers offer progressive, fluid resistance up to 650 watts. 

Blackburn claims the unit is quiet and won’t leak oil.

The legs and resistance rollers are based on a telescoping design in an effort accommodate bikes of all breeds and sizes. 


The Blackburn Portable Race Day Trainers will be available to buy in August.