Blackburn’s $4,000 of insurance – Interbike 2012

Mighty locks and lights, inexpensive-but-light cages and more

As part of the Easton Bell Sports conglomeration, Blackburn often gets overlooked as Giro and Easton products usually take the spotlight. But the brand has been quietly toiling along, cranking out functional, dependable accessories at reasonable prices.


One example of Blackburn’s high-value products is the Slick bottle cage that came out last year. The poly-carbon cage weighs a scant 23g — less than the all-carbon model that costs nearly three times as much. And the price for the Slick? $15. So why does Blackburn do a $50 carbon cage that weighs 26g? “Because some people just want carbon,” said Blackburn’s Jeff Titone.

For 2013, Blackburn has a Sideroller cage, a side-mount bottle cage that can be adjusted to be left- or right-oriented. It’s $15.

The new Super Flea Rear light is $45. It is USB rechargeable and, like all of the company’s LED lights, features a color-coded fuel gauge so you don’t get caught on a night ride without juice.

The new $15 Mars Magnetic is a handy light solution that clips onto clothing for a quick safety solution. It uses two LEDs and a non-rechargeable battery. 

The $15 mars magnetic has two leds: the $15 mars magnetic has two leds
Ben Delaney/BikeRadar
$15 and two seconds to clip on this magnetic-strap, two-LED blinky light

Two heavy-duty products are the $109 Airtower Shop pump and the $99 Attica lock. The Airtower Shop features heavy does of metal in the cylinder, the base, the hose and even the handle. As with all Blackburn products, it comes with a lifetime guarantee. The Attica lock one-ups that offer: it comes with a $4,000 insurance policy against your bike being stolen while locked up with this massive hardened alloy steel device.