Blaze laser light on pre-order

Novel safety light boosts cyclists' visibility to motorists

A laser device that projects a green cyclist a few metres ahead of the rider to warn drivers a bike could be in the blind spot, is available for pre-order and will soon be stocked in a major chain of bike shops.


The Blaze light (£125), which expands the visible footprint of the travelling cyclist, was invented by Emily Brooke in her final year as a design student at Brighton University.

Brooke said the development of Blaze was driven by large numbers of cyclist collisions occurring because motorists don’t see or anticipate a rider close to their vehicle.

Following a Kickstarter campaign to raise production funds last year, the London-based company has begun taking pre-orders via the website.

The electronics, rechargeable lithium ion battery, light and laser which projects the green cyclist up the road is housed in an elegant machined aluminium casing.  

The light is available for pre-order via and should be available in Evans Cycles shops shortly.

The young start up company said it opened up pre-orders because it has large numbers of enquiries about the bike light’s availability in the run-up to Christmas. 

Blaze lights are currently avaialble for pre-order online and are expected in evans cycles from january:

Blaze lights will be available from Evans Cycles in January