Blink/Steady: the world’s most expensive rear bike light?

Brooklyn-made, theft resistant, machined-aluminum light

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How much would you pay for a flashing rear light? $10? $20? How about $125?

That’s the weighty tag attached the Blink/Steady, a machined-aluminium number with motion sensors that does away with the pesky hassle of having to turn it on and off, thanks to an accelerometer and photo sensors that govern operation.

The Blink/Steady offers a claimed 200hour life from two AAA batteries. The light uses two 0.5-watt LEDs for illumination visible from almost 180 degrees. It’s designed to be theft-proof with a full aluminum collar that is slid up the seatpost from the bottom instead the standard rear-blinky design of a clamp or a rubber strap. You also get two modes – yep, flashing and constant – depending on which way up the light is mounted.

The Blink/Steady is made in Brooklyn.  

It comes in two standard sizes and will fit seatposts with diameters between 31.6mm to 30.8mm and 27.2mm to 25mm, but if you’ve got an aero seatpost, forget it.

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