BMX’er Kriss Kyle rides inside a giant kaleidoscope

RedBull and Sony join forces for production

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Following Red Bull’s recent BMX production a tribute to the BMX Bandits, The Red Bull Media House and Ridley Scott Associates produced a riding film in which Kriss Kyle rides within a life-like Kaleidoscope. With this, the film uses a combination of moving set pieces and stunning optical techniques that enable Kyle to showcase brilliant riding skill.

The young scot, kriss kyle certainly has a unique style on the bike, and plenty of ideas on how to show it:

Young Kriss Kyle of Scotland

Not too dissimilar to Danny MacAskill, Kriss Kyle is born and bred in Glasglow, Scotland. For us, the Kaledoscope film pulls in creative similarities to that of MacAskill’s ‘Imaginate’ trials film – and such similarities are never a bad thing.

The kaleidoscope course offers more than a few unique features : the kaleidoscope course offers more than a few unique features

It’s hard to imagine the reality of these photos, luckily there’s a video

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“Kaleidoscope has been the most surreal thing that I have ever been involved in,” Kyle said. “Riding a park that is constantly moving and shifting was challenging but enabled me to pull off lines and tricks that have never been seen before. I have had the opportunity to work with creative and technical people from worlds that I never thought I would be part of with my BMX bike. I am so excited by the end result and all the work that has been put in feels justified.”