Boardman TK Pro launched

New track bike comes with brakes

The name Chris Boardman is synonymous with track cycling, so it should come as no surprise that Boardman Bikes have launched a proper track bike. They’ve done an urban fixie before, but the new Performance series TK Pro is built for the boards, a more affordable version of the limited edition TK/20 we featured last summer.


The TK Pro is as straightforward as they come, but it has some nice touches. The smooth-welded aluminium frame could easily be mistaken for carbon, and although it’s a track-legal machine, it ships with Tektro R340 dual-pivot brakes, so it can do double duty as a lightweight commuter. Better yet, the rear brake line runs internally so there are no cable stops to spoil the frame’s clean lines. The Boardman TK Pro also sports a tapered full-carbon fork, and despite the relatively modest Mavic CXP-22S clincher rims and Truvativ Omnium chainset, it weighs in around the 7.5kg mark.

We had a quick blast on the TK Pro at Newport velodrome and whilst we didn’t cover ourselves in glory, the bike proved more than capable. A size medium has a taller-than-average (for a track bike) 150mm headtube, which means the average club racer won’t have to resort to a hideous positive rise stem to achieve a usable position, and all but the most extreme of setups should be catered for. It’s a proper race bike though, with a 74-degree head angle (size M) and 30mm of fork rake across all sizes.


At £799.99, the TK Pro is more mid-level than entry-level but we were impressed by the frameset, which looks to be ripe for upgrading with a set of deep section carbon tubulars for some scratch race mayhem.