Bontrager RXXXL shoes – Just in

Fresh and minimal road racing footwear

We’ve just received a pair of Bontrager’s new RXXXL road shoes, which they launched in July. They’re designed with the racer in mind and every effort has been made to trim weight from the shoe while retaining stiffness and a snug fit. 


They look very breathable (and very non-waterproof), with three mesh vents on the sole and above the toes as well as a fully perforated heel section. The heels and toes feature plastic reinforcements so you can walk in the shoes without slipping.

Bontrager rxxxl shoes: bontrager rxxxl shoes

The RXXXLs are fastened with two slim velcro straps and a ratchet buckle, while the carbon sole has a triple cleat hole drilling that will take most types of cleats. Our UK size 11 (Euro 45, US 12) pair weighed 528g, and fit wise we think they’ll suit wider feet.


Including storage bag, the shoes are priced at £279 / US$435. They’re available now from select Bontrager dealers, both in store and online.

Bontrager rxxxl shoes:
Oli Woodman/Future Publishing