Bontrager Velocis AW helmet announced

Team-only for now but limited release coming later

The Trek Factory Racing team will get a new Bontrager Velocis AW helmet this season with a removable cover that's intended to protect against inclement weather. Consumers will be able to get their own some time this year, too, but only in a medium size and only in Europe - at least for now

Bontrager recently showed off a new helmet for the Trek Factory Racing team called the Velocis AW. Based on the standard Velocis road lid, this new variant isn’t really an aero model but one meant for riding in less-than-ideal conditions.


Similar to Lazer’s long-running Aeroshell, the Velocis AW will come with a snap-on polycarbonate shell that blocks out most of the vents. While there may be some aerodynamic benefits, Bontrager mostly intends the cover to be used as weather protection when it’s cold and/or raining (although we also can’t help but wonder if this is some sort of UCI-related workaround).

“Despite the perception that some have, the Velocis AW (all weather) helmet is a solution for inclement weather,” said Bontrager marketing director Michael Browne. “The helmet is a Velocis with a complete cover, with venting out the back.”


Currently Bontrager only plans to produce the Velocis AW in a medium size and exclusively for the European market. Pricing is still to be determined but it’s a safe bet that it will command a modest premium over the standard Velocis.