Boris Johnson chases car driving “litter louts” on his bike

London Mayor sees red and reprimands Astra driver

This could be what the litter lout driver was driving when he threw the rubbish at Boris's head

London Mayor Boris Johnson recently chased a car through London after its occupants apparently threw an object at his head while he was riding his bike.


Writing in his weekly column for UK broadsheet newspaper The Telegraph, Johnson said: “As anyone would in my position, I saw red. I put my foot down, and pedalled so hard that I was able to keep the weaving rump of the car in my sights, and I noted that it was some kind of souped-up Astra.”

Once he caught up with the car, Johnson commanded the driver to pull over, where he asked:  “Why did you throw something at my head?” to which the driver replied, “Please, Mr Boris sir, this wasn’t meant to happen. We know you is the Mayor, man.”


Johnson’s column then continued to condemn the amount of litter in London, but the article does highlight one of the many obstacles to cycling we face on UK roads – including potholes, sometimes atrocious weather and fellow human beings.