Bosch to team up with Cannondale on electric bike project

First-generation design expected later this year

Bosch are developing an electric bike with Cannondale

Technology giants Bosch have gone into partnership with Cannondale with the aim of producing an electric bike in time for this autumn’s Eurobike show in Friedrichshafen, Germany.


It will use a modular power system developed by Bosch’s new Powertrain Systems eBike unit, which will apparently offer “outstanding drive performance”.

A system of three sensors will pick up on pedalling force, pedalling frequency and speed of travel to give the optimum level of power assistance for whichever of the four ‘driving programs’ the rider has chosen, ranging from Eco (maximum range) to Speed (maximum support).

The lithium-ion battery will weigh 2.3 kg and have a charging time of up to 2.5 hours. For further information as it becomes available, go to and leave them your email address.

The partnership with Cannondale is a bold move for Bosch. For the past two decades, Panasonic and Yamaha have dominated the e-bike market, producing drive systems that provide electric pedalling assistance via sensors in the crank area.


A concept e-bike was also recently announced by Volkswagen called the BIK.E. Apparently it’s foldable and can be charged from a car’s DC power socket. VW are said to be “looking into a future release date”.