Bradley Wiggins’ Pinarello Bolide HR – first glimpse

First sighting of the Tour champ’s Hour Record bike

Pinarello has released the first video of Bradley Wiggins riding the Pinarello Bolide HR bike the Olympic time trial champion will use to take on the Hour Record on 7 June.


The original Bolide was launched at the 2013 Giro and featured Pinarello’s distinctively fluid-looking frame shapes as well as several aero enhancements. These included fairings over both front and rear brakes and a fully integrated stem-cockpit setup.

Pinarello’s video of the new Bolide HR is barely two seconds long, so details are scarce.

We do know that the changes made to the Italian company’s top-end time trial bike have been undertaken in collaboration with Jaguar and that the bar set-up is the first one-piece 3D printed titanium handlebar. It’s also shaped specifically around Wiggins’ forearms

In addition, we’d speculate that, like several of the adapted Hour Record bikes we’ve already featured, the rear triangle has been re-engineered to allow the use of a 120mm track hub.

The brakes will obviously have gone and we’d bet the fairings that previously covered them will have been smoothed into the frame’s lines itself to reduce drag to a minimum.

Naturally, there’ll be a fixed cog at the back and a crankset from SRAM, sponsor of Team Wiggins. Wiggins has also selected a double disc set-up to maximise aerodynamics in the wind-free velodrome.


We’ll have more on Wiggins’ Pinarello Bolide HR as we get it.