Brant Richards to launch new bike brand

On-One designer to create frames and parts and dried meat products

On-One designer Brant Richards is leaving to set up a new bike brand through his company Shedfire. He says he is working on a range of frames, parts, “hats and dried meat products” for release early in the summer.


The former Mountain Biking UK journalist set up On-One with Planet X owner Dave Loughran nine years ago. Together, they have produced a range of iconic singlespeeds and mountain bikes including the Inbred, Scandal and 456.

As revealed by BikeRadar last week, Richards is now moving on to pastures new, and Planet X are looking for a new bike designer for On-One. Today Richards revealed details of his new brand, which he said would be based on a design brief of “making bikes that can go up and down hills, around and over things, without the rider falling off too much”.

He said the bikes and components would be available through shops, unlike On-One products, which are only available online. They will be designed at his “palatial headquarters” in Calderdale, West Yorkshire.

Richards said: “I’m spending the next couple of months either in my shed or in Taiwan, working hard to get a lovely range of frames and components for launch under a new brand name in early May. All being well, that brand will be available through one of the UK’s key distributors and available to all bike shops in the country, and extending worldwide as we roll out.

“What I’m trying to achieve is that fast route to market, volume purchasing, great margins, all in key areas that the big brands aren’t hitting. And if that fails, I’ve got a backup plan of going to sell odd hats and beef jerky.”

Of his departure from On-One, he said: “It’s just over nine years since I ended up in the Planet X warehouse in Doncaster and offered to fix some mudguards in return for a singlespeed frame with a funky five-piece welded wishbone that Dave had designed. I hope On-One will continue to be known for product that fills a niche that big manufacturers can’t see, or creating niches that people didn’t know they needed. Long live On-One!”

Loughran said: “This is an exciting time for On-One. We’re looking for a new designer and the opportunities are out there to continue to fill a niche that big manufacturers can’t see. We always said our most successful projects were finding the ‘niche of a niche’ and that’s a tradition we’re going to continue. I believe a new designer, with different ideas and a fresh look, will help take On-One further along its unusual path.”

He added: “I’m sorry that Brant is leaving and wish him every success. He has been an influential part of the team that has built a brand with strong foundations and a cult following.”


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