Breathe easy, the 100% Speedcraft AIR is here

Magnetic nasal dilator technology claims to improve your breathing performance

We recently reported on Peter Sagan’s glasses with integrated nose magnets. The 100% Speedcraft AIR glasses have now been officially launched.


The prominent motocross brand has partnered with AC Systems, also hailing from the moto scene to bring its patented ‘breathing technology’ to cycling.

Based on the normal Speedcraft glasses, the obvious change is the magnetic nasal dilator. Two arms extend down from the nosepiece and pull your nostrils open with magnetic pads stuck to either side of your nose.

Peter Sagan with his pair of the glasses
Courtesy of 100%

The opening of the arms can be adjusted with a small dial at the top of lens, though given that the system is supposed to improve your breathing, we struggle to see why you would close the device.

According to AC Systems, using this technology allows for “correct breathing” i.e. nasal breathing, and AC Systems has collected several testimonials (from motocross riders) about the claimed benefits.

Nasal dilation isn’t new tech and has been used by quite a few pro riders already. However, based on our research the jury is still very much out on whether it actually provides any performance benefits.

Arguably this magnetic system is sleeker than what we’ve seen before, but at $15 for 20 nose stickers (which we imagine means 10 applications) it’s not really a value for money proposition for regular use.

The glasses and magnetic accessories
Courtesy of 100%

The glasses come with an interchangeable HiPER lens that claims improved contrast and detail with a hydroleophobic coating and 100 percent UV protection. There will be a clear lens available too. The TR90 frame has the usual assortment of anti-fogging and ventilation features integrated.


The Speedcraft AIR will retail at $325. Who knows, you might just be able to eke out that extra bit of speed in your next race.