BrickLock cycle security solution – first look

Brick-like steel wall anchor

The BrickLock provides a convenient securing point

BikeRadar were recently presented with the BrickLock (£49.99 plus postage), an alternative solution to cycle security devised by small Manchester firm Lion Forge. Always keen to give new products exposure, we took a closer look.


Currently patent pending, the BrickLock is a laser-cut steel device that takes the place of a single brick in an outside or garage wall. There, it forms a secure place to lock a bicycle via a heavy duty chain. 

It’s essentially a sideways-mounted ground anchor. Yet, unlike a ground anchor, the BrickLock doesn’t protrude from the face of a wall, keeping your garage space clean and free of trip hazards. It’s built to last, too, being fully galvanised to prevent corrosion.

Once in place, the BrickLock should prove a nasty obstacle for a thief; providing your chain is up to scratch it seems as though anyone trying to steal your bike would have their work cut out. The people behind the BrickLock have supposedly tried to remove the product from a wall using a Transit van, with no luck.

The downside to the BrickLock comes with its installation, something only a builder should be attempting as it involves removing a brick from an existing wall. But for those who are building a new wall or garage this could be a great and cost-effective way of creating a secure environment for a bicycle.


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