Britain’s cheapest bike is back on eBay (but you probably shouldn’t buy it)

Spend your £50 elsewhere

You could definitely find better ways to spend £50 than buying this bike

There are two things we can say of the GetB — it’s probably Britain’s cheapest bike and it’s almost certainly the most terrible.


The former bike-share bike has popped up on eBay again for just £50 posted.

£50 may sound like a bargain but we’d urge you to read our full report on the infamous bike that we managed to render utterly useless in less than one minute of riding last year.

It’s also worth stressing that the specs of the bike change throughout the photos on the listing. Assuming it’s from the same seller we bought ours from, it will likely come without a rack and will have the cheaper black drum brakes fitted.  


If you do decide to buy one, please let us know how you fare in the comments!