British Cycling launches new social network for cyclists

'Social Cycling Groups' is a buddy up system to unite solo riders

Social Cycling Groups is designed to help people connect with other cyclists in their area

Fed up with riding solo? British Cycling and Sky looked to have solved your problem with the launch of Social Cycling Groups, a social network designed to help people connect with other cyclists in their communities.


It aims to give people the chance to buddy up with other cyclists when they might otherwise be riding alone. With dates, distances, durations and maps, people can choose the group and ride that is best for them.

The network, which you can access here, also allows you to create your own groups and rides using their own routes or those tried and tested by British Cycling. It was inspired by British Cycling figures that showed nearly half of their 50,000-strong membership are not involved in club cycling. Despite not wanting to ride competitively, many would like to have someone else to ride with.


British Cycling’s Director of Recreation and Partnerships, Stewart Kellett, said: “People who participate in our Sky Rides across the country tell us that they enjoy the experience of cycling with others and would love to do it more regularly. That’s exactly why we’ve launched Social Cycling Groups – giving people the chance to get together and cycle for fun, at a place and time that suits them, and to hopefully form some great new friendships along the way.”