British cyclist postpones 36,000-mile fundraising trip

Video production company planning documentary

British cyclist/adventurer Kevin Shannon

Twenty-three-year-old British cyclist/adventurer Kevin Shannon is postponing his two-year, 36,000-mile around-the-world journey a few months from the initially scheduled August 31 date.


“After months of contacting various studios and getting nowhere fast, I can now officially announce that I have a found a production company willing and able (and perhaps crazy) to take on the challenge of helping me to document my expedition in the form of documentary film,” Shannon said. “Over the next three years I will be working closely with producer/director Sandra Skibsted and the production company Fact not Fiction Films in bringing my experiences to the big screen for all to see.”

According a recent posting on Shannon’s blog, due to video pre-production, the trip will be pushed back a couple (or a few) months.

“Although this is a little frustrating, as I’ve been building up to this point for a while now, it’s all worth it in the long run in my eyes,” he added. “It’s been an ambition of mine, as anybody who knows me well enough will testify, to be part of making a film of some way, shape or form…I just didn’t think I’d be the ’star’.”


Follow Shannon’s progress on his Twitter page as well.