British women prefer men who cycle

Thumbs-down for rugby lovers, football fans and fishermen

This is definitely not a scene from a first date - it's Kelly Brooke and Boris Johnson enjoying a ride on the recent London Sky Ride

A survey commissioned by the UK Cycle Show has found that British women prefer men who enjoy cycling as a hobby over football fans, rugby lovers, fishermen and golfers.


When rating ‘typical male sporting pursuits’ in relation to attractiveness of prospective partners, cycling topped the list with 36 percent ahead of football (17 percent) and rugby (14 percent).

But it’s not the thought of tight fitting Lycra that gets the ladies hot and bothered over men on two wheels, as the survey found that only seven percent of the respondents found cycling kit attractive.

That’s still not bad compared to the meagre one percent who found fishing attire attractive (presumably welly boots, trousers and a jumper).

A man in rugby kit (30 percent) and gents in tennis whites (25 percent) topped the list.

Surprisingly, 44 percent of those questioned chose a bike ride as their activity of choice when attending that all-important first date with a prospective partner.

But that may be down to the narrow list of options, which didn’t include more conventional choices like a trip to a restaurant, bar or the cinema.

An afternoon shopping was the second most popular answer with 29 percent, while bowling only got a paltry two percent.

We’re not sure how many women we know would like to get hot and sweaty on a first date ride.

What are your thoughts on all this? Have you bagged a lady as a result of cycling? Do you like a man on two wheels? Let us know in the comments box below.

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